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We have always enjoyed creating unique and individual cards and wrapping paper for friends and family. Over the past few years we have created several designs for friends and family which they have loved.

Our ideas are brought to life by a graphic designer and a passion for sharp design, edgy styles and of course bright and engaging colours.


Where we are going

Now we want to share our colourful and unique collection with you. Starting with our range of Christmas gift tags and gift cards. Along with our awesome wrapping paper.

Let us know if you would like to see cards for other celebrations and where to take our range next by saying hello.

What you can expect from us each and every time

We are focused on quality and producing the best gift cards, gift tags and wrapping paper. We choose our designs to capture the essence of what is being celebrated and throw in bright and colourful designs. We match the perfect paper to bring the design to life. All stock is professionally printed on a short run. We want to keep our cards unique and so our ranges are limited. Get in quick, so you don’t miss out!

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Review: Sons Of Anarchy Season 7: TV Show

Sons of Anarchy

The last season of Sons of Anarchy, Season 7 wasted no time getting started. In the Sons of Anarchy Season 7 debut we discovered that Gemma Teller Morrow (Katey Sagal) had concealed her murder of Tara Knowles (Maggie Siff) by pointing the finger at Henry Lin’s group and that Jax/Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller (Charlie Hunnam) was wanting to go to stunning lengths for retaliation. When we got to the finale, the show went out on a high note with a consummation that wrapped up numerous layers of muddled storylines furthermore conveyed on a passionate level with the characters.

Nonetheless, the middle of Sons of Anarchy Season 7 wasn’t exactly up to the same quality as either the begin or the end. This is a demonstrate that was constantly brimming with entangled plot winds that assembled from year to year, picking up force. Normally that would mean the season overall being more prominent than the total of the different parts. Season 7 was uncommon in light of the fact that it doesn’t assist as much to glance back at the season in general when judging the nature of the year. The center truly dragged things out, treading water as they sat tight as far as might be feasible for the defining moment when Jax discovers who truly executed Tara. Every scene may have had its own energizing, activity filled minutes, yet the hold up to get to the expensive things toward the end of the season was excessively long.

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Coming Soon: Tomorrowland (2015): Movie Trailer


Tomorrowland motion picture stars Frank Walker (George Clooney – GravityOcean’s Eleven), Nix (Hugh Laurie – House M.D.Black Adder the Third) and Casey Newton (Britt Robertson – Scream 4Life Unexpected ) in an epic sci-fi film from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Bound by a mutual predetermination, a splendid, idealistic high schooler overflowing with investigative interest and a previous kid virtuoso designer tainted by frustration set out on a peril filled mission to uncover the insider facts of a perplexing place some place in time and space that exists in their aggregate memory as Tomorrowland.

Adrenalin adventures

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Coming Soon: Steve Jobs (2015): Movie Trailer


The main teaser trailer for Danny Boyle’s (TrainspottingThe BeachBabylonTrance28 Days Later…,)  Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple Inc) biopic, the fittingly titled Steve Jobs, has arrived. The moment long clasp doesn’t uncover much about the up and coming film, however does issue us the first look of Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Days of Future PastPrometheus12 Years a Slave) in character as the Apple manager, shot from behind as he gets ready to walk out onto stage to convey one of his trademark keynotes.

Print Venue pens on sale

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Review: Cold Case Season 7: TV Show

Cold Case Season 7

Cold Case Season 7 stars Kathryn Morris (Minority Report, Mindhunters) as Lilly Rush, the solitary female analyst in the Philadelphia murder squad who discovers her calling when she’s appointed to “cold cases” – wrongdoings that have never been settled. Already, she utilized her intuitive comprehension of the criminal personality on current killings.

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Review: True Blood Season 7: TV Show

True Blood Season 7 Image

When did True Blood lose its way for you? I’m interested. What ought to have been the bouncing off point? Is it safe to say that it was the witches in Season 4? Could have been the witches, correct? Despite the fact that numerous fans out there beyond any doubt adored Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) shacking up with amnesiac Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård)True Blood Season 7 has left a lot to be desired.

What about Season 5’s Vampire Authority? Should the arrangement have finished when King Russell bit the pixie dust? True Blood Season 6 brought us Governor Burrell and the sickness, alongside “Vampire God” Bill. I’m asking on the grounds that I don’t generally have a reasonable answer myself. I simply realize that the accord now is that seven seasons was excessively. Particularly considering the way this last season took care of itself.

Presently I won’t let myself get excessively wrapped up here in the horrendous choice Bill Compton (Stephen Moyermade amid the last two scenes of True Blood Season 7, where, in the wake of getting a quick moving instance of Hep V from Sookie (nobody came after him for killing that human domain legal advisor?), he chose to simply kick the bucket for no genuine, investable reason. Regardless of the way that there was an exceptionally straightforward cure-all.

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Review: Better Call Saul: TV Show


There are many characters who deserve a spin-off. Ari Gold from Entourage, Dr. Walter Bishop from the Fringe, or almost anyone from Arrested Development. One that deserved me time in the box, perhaps more than anyone, was the charismatic, slightly rough lawyer, Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) from Breaking Bad. His slogan Better Call Saul also became the name of the series if he and Vince Gilligan has again gilded us with great TV entertainment.

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Review: Silicon Valley Season 1: TV Show

Silicon Valley Season 1

Mike Judge is best known as the man behind the cult series Beavis and Butt-head and cult movie Office Space. Lately, he has possibly fallen by the wayside a bit, but still directed the ingenious comedies like Idiocracy and Extract. Now, he is back with HBO series Silicon Valley.

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Review: Penny Dreadful Season 1: TV Show


Penny Dreadful Season 1 brings together a quick-firing alcoholic cowboy, Dorian Gray, Frankenstein’s monster, an old hunter, a femme fatale and Professor Van Helsing, all involved in the hunt for Count Dracula. No, I’m not talking about a late decided sequel to the Sean Connery film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Nor is it some sort of spinoff Hugh Jackman- “classic” Van Helsing (even though a remake is on the cards, with Tom Cruise in the lead role). No, this blog covers the new Showtime series Penny Dreadful Season 1. And certainly, the concept sounds silly but it’s a lavish series written by Skyfall-man John Logan! With Josh Hartnett and Eva Green in the lead roles! This must be good! At least not silly, or??

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Review: Elementary Season 1: TV Show

Elementary Season 1

Elementary Season 1 – the modern day Sherlock Homes remake stars Jonny Lee Miller as detective Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson. Elementary is a drama about a crime-solving duo, Holmes and Watson that cracks the NYPD’s most difficult cases.

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Review: Vampire Diaries Season 5: TV show

The Vampire Diaries Season 5

We return to Vampire Diaries Season 5 to find Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) & Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) still together – happily in relationship bliss. So much so, Elena decides to return to college at Whitmore, joined by Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola). Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) is under Damon’s watch while Elena is away due to Jeremy struggling to adjusting with school life – a fight in the first episode sees his get expelled. Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) is still stuck in the after life though has Jeremy masquerading to throw friends off the scent that she is dead. Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) has trouble adjusting to being human. She acquires Damon’s help when she is attacked by Silas and realises that other enemies see her as vulnerable. Poor Stefan finds himself stuck in a coffin at the bottom of a watery grave where he can’t escape and continually dies. He tries to stop from shutting off his humanity.

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Review: Suits Season 4: TV Show

Suits Season 4

Suits Season 4 on DVD starts off strange. All the usual Suits cast are there, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams)Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht)Rachel (Meghan Markle)Donna (Sarah Rafferty) but Mike has a new job…. it took me a little while to adjust (and remember) that in Suits Season 3, Mike had received new employment with a former client. I was concerned as I didn’t see how the shows chemistry would work – Harvey without Mike, what would they do without each other?

As I sat down with the Xmarx and Pod Food crew, which turned into a series of nights, I began to wonder how Suits Season 4 would pan out. I watched Suits Season 4 in anticipation.


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Review: John Wick: Movie

John wick - Keanu Reeves 2015 Image

Whilst sitting around with the Xmarx and VIZOO crew on a Sunday afternoon we decided to throw on a movie. We had a few choses, though ended up going with the new Keanu Reeves movie – John Wick. I had my reservations as I am reluctant to watch much with Keanu these days. He had his time is the lime-light (Point break, Matrix) though of late his appearances have been less than appealing. We continued on against my wishes. I held my breathe… Continue reading “Review: John Wick: Movie”