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DVD Guide reviews current dvd releases of movies and TV shows. The reviews of these dvd releases are my thoughts and understandings of the movie, dvd releases or TV show and not be taken as fact. If you are looking to find more specific details about the latest movies head to IMDB. Every week there will be one or two new posts based on the DVD releases available. Sign up and be notified on my latest blogs or if you would like to know more about movies in general, please contact me.


2 thoughts on “About DVD Guide: DVD Releases

  1. Hi there,

    My name is Dan O’Malley, from Hi Gloss Entertainment. We are a small film and TV distributor based in Melbourne, specialising in European cinema and TV as well as feature documentaries.

    I would like to discuss your website, how you chose the films and TV shows you review, your readership and whether you accept submissions from distributors when choosing what to review.

    Please contact me on the above email when convenient.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Dan, thanks for getting in touch. I choose films and movies based on the ones I have seen. I am a fairly avid watcher of any modern, though I do dabble in older films. I would be very interesting in adding content based on what you provide. The website is only new but the readership is building. New content on specific subjects, like European cinema would be a great addition. If you were to send me content I would happily post it for you. I too am based in Melbourne. Thanks, Max.


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