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Shock Wave

Highly Recommended The Movie: The Hong Kong bomb squad flick Shock Wave is a nearly nonstop barrage of setpieces. Car chases, wild shootouts, and, of course, explosions abound. Sometimes these elements appear in separate scenes, but often they arrive clumped together. Writer-director Herman Yau, whose career runs

Thank You for Playing

Recommended Ryan and Amy Green, sweethearts since they were in their teens, are now married and have a big family. Their third son, Joel, however, has been diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer. Ryan, a video game designer, begins pouring his energy into developing a video game,

The Outlaw

Recommended The Movie:The second and final film to be directed by quirky business tycoon Howard Hughes, 1943's The Outlaw tells the story of notorious outlaw duo Billy the Kid (Jack Buetel in his first feature film appearance) and Doc Holliday (Walter Huston). When the film opens they


Rent It 9/11:There's some good to take from 9/11, a realization for which I was totally unprepared. In some ways, director Martin Guigui's film reads like a made-for-TV movie exploiting America's defining moment (for now) of the 21st Century; that's down to casting and arriving direct to

Duckman: The Complete Series

Recommended In 10 Words or LessThe animated adventures of a sexually-obsessed duckReviewer's Bias*Loves: animation, surreal comedy, CornfedLikes: Klasky Csupo animationDislikes: SeinfeldHates: Unmotivated crudenessThe Story So Far...Duckman (voiced by Jason Alexander) is an altogether awful person, whose sole focus is his own unlimited libido. That self-absorption creates unending

Nella The Princess Knight

Rent It Kids' TV shows have been a dime a dozen for decades now...and they're usually not great, because they don't have to be. Rugrats will enjoy just about anything with a catchy theme song, colorful characters, or whatever else translates into an action figure, and boy

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My King (aka Mon Roi)

Highly Recommended Best known in America for her professional and personal relationship with Luc Besson, Maiwenn has spent several years back in her home country of France reinventing herself as not just an actor, but a writer/director as well. My King (aka Mon Roi) is her fourth


Recommended Director: Naji Abu NowarStarring: Jacir Eid Al-Hwietat, Hussein Salameh AL-SweilhiyeenYear: 2014Out of the United Arab Emirates and filmed in Jordan comes Theeb, a film nominated for Best Foreign Language Feature at the 2016 Academy Awards. 'Theeb' means 'wolf' in Arabic, and is the name of our

Lucky (2017)

Recommended In September 2017, at the age of 91 and with 201 credits to his name (the final film still to be released), legendary character actor Harry Dean Stanton passed away. Throughout his career, Stanton managed to end up in any number of classics big and small: