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From the Land of the Moon

Highly Recommended Director: Nicole GarciaStarring: Marion Cotillard, Louis Garrel, Alex BrendemuhlYear: 2016It's not as hard for Brits to make the figurative journey to American cinema as it is for foreign language-speaking actors, which makes complete sense, given their literal nearness, cultural ties, and common speech. Many from

Atheist America

Rent It Ralf Buecheler's Atheist America (2015) is a feature-length documentary that promises "an intimate, concentrated, and entertaining insight into the culture war" between two competitors: Austin, Texas' long-running call-in TV series The Atheist Experience and its home state's dominant religious community. Guess which camp the film

John Bunny – Film’s First King of Comedy

Recommended The Movie:When people think of silent comedians, Charlie Chaplin, or possiblyBuster Keaton, leap to mind. Before either of those star becamefamous however, John Bunny was drawing in audiences with theone-reelers he was making at Vitagraph. Now largely forgotten, evenamong silent film fans, this important actor from