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Soul on a String

Recommended Director: Yang ZhangStarring: Quni Ciren, Kimba, Siano Dudiom ZahiYear: 2016Soul on a String is a Chinese/Tibetan, Western/Adventure, ancient/modern warrior's tale, and these odd combinations are the reason that the film ultimately succeeds. This feature is hard to define, it straddles many borders while paying homage to

Chicago Justice: Season One

Rent It For this reviewer, the jury's still out on Chicago Justice, but not with the network distributing it, NBC. Though the packaging lists this as "Season One," it's also officially "The Complete Series," NBC having cancelled it this past May, a week after airing what turned

Chicago Med: Season Two

Highly Recommended Between the first and second seasons of Chicago Med, on July 26, 2017, a pretty amazing coincidence occurred. A female nurse named Alex Wubbels at the University of Utah's hospital burn center was forcibly arrested by a short-fused police officer after she refused, per hospital

This Is Us: Season 1

Highly Recommended The Show:When the NBC show This is Us started showing preview clips and teasers ahead of its 2016 release, the schmaltz was evident; it was going to be a show that tugged on heartstrings, and touched on several different lives, across a multigenerational landscape. It

Chicago P.D.: Season Four

Highly Recommended Spun-off from Chicago Fire, and part of the same TV universe that now also includes Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Med, and Chicago Justice, Chicago P.D. (2014-present) has grown and matured into a compelling police procedural. Less warm-and-fuzzy than Chicago Fire, whose leading characters are

Chicago Fire: Season Five

Highly Recommended Pity the Chicago franchise fan. Fans of Chicago Fire (2012-present) are pretty much obliged to follow the entirety of executive producer Dick Wolf's vast television universe. That because characters from Chicago Fire frequently appear in episodes of all of the shows spun-off since: Chicago PD,


Skip It The Film:Ahead of what'll seem like a pummeling on Guardians, Russia's entry into blockbuster superhero cinema, it's worth mentioning that comic studios "liberally borrowing" concepts of characters and their powers from competitors has been going on for decades, especially between, y'know, the big two. Before

The Good Place: Season One

Highly Recommended In 10 Words or LessKristen Bell tries to navigate the afterlife Reviewer's Bias*Loves: Kristen Bell, high-concept sitcoms, JanetLikes: Ted DansonDislikes: How the second season is progressingHates: JianyuThe ShowFrom the moment Eleanor (Kristen Bell) opens her eyes at the beginning of the first episode of The