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Chicago Fire: Season Five


Highly Recommended

Pity the Chicago franchise fan. Fans of Chicago Fire (2012-present) are pretty much obliged to follow the entirety of executive producer Dick Wolf’s vast television universe. That because characters from Chicago Fire frequently appear in episodes of all of the shows spun-off since: Chicago PD, Chicago Med, newcomer Chicago Justice and even Law & Order: SVU, set and filmed in New York. There have been story arcs crossing over up to three different series, and sets from one show (such as Molly’s the bar opened by several Chicago Fire characters often appear in the others. Contracts for the cast members of these programs must be as thick as phonebooks.

Living in Japan, this far-flung reviewer (and hard-media holdout) watches most “new” American and European TV shows on Blu-ray and DVD, and is usually a season behind everyone else. Because of a…Read the entire review

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