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My Happy Family

On the evening of her 52nd birthday, Georgian literature teacher Manana unexpectedly announces to her family that she is leaving. She has been married for 30 years and lives in a three-bedroom flat in Tbilisi with her husband, parents, two children and her son-in-law.The members of her family represent

Family Guy Ssn 15

<class="posted"> Recommended Family Guy was a welcome addition to the FOX family back in 1999, but nearly 20 years on it's as divisive as television programming gets. The hardcore fans that have stuck around are fairly loyal, while others endlessly criticize its reliance on cutaway gags. But the reality

Modern Family: Season 8

Recommended In 10 Words or Less The kids are growing up Reviewer's Bias* Loves: Modern Family, good sitcoms Likes: The vast majority of the cast Dislikes: sitcom babies Hates: Change for change's sake The Story So Far... Telling the story of three generations of the Pritchett clan, centered around Jay (Ed O'Neill) and his kids Claire (Julie Bowen)