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Most Beautiful Island

Most Beautiful Island chronicles one harrowing day in the life of Luciana (Ana Asensio), a young immigrant woman struggling to make ends meet while striving to escape her past. As Luciana's day unfolds, she is whisked, physically and emotionally, through a series of troublesome and unforeseeable extremes. Before her

Diamond Island

Bora, 18, leaves his village to work on the Diamond Island shipyards, an ultra-modern paradise project for the rich and symbol of Cambodia of the future. He became friends with other young workers, until he found his elder brother, the charismatic Solei, who had disappeared five years earlier. Solei

The Island of Dr Moreau

DVD Talk Collector Series Director: Don Taylor Starring: Michael York, Burt Lancaster, Barbara Carrera Year: 1977 The Island of Dr. Moreau is a film based on an H.G. Wells novel published in 1896, a sci-fi classic written by a legendary author that spawned a sci-fi classic directed by a talented filmmaker. Don Taylor

Strong Island

In April 1992, on Long Island NY, William Jr., the Ford's eldest child, a black 24 year-old teacher, was killed by Mark