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House of Cards Season 5 (2013 TV Series)

The republic is in crisis, the good guys are useless or disempowered, and the horrific guys just preserve triumphing. Netflix’s “House of Cards” has always outstanding itself among political thrillers via a worldview so cynical it’s practically cartoonish, however the display’s fifth season become possibly its darkest yet. Now that

The Son Season 1 (2017 TV Series)

Star Pierce Brosnan is the least thrilling element approximately AMC's model of Philipp Meyer's acclaimed novel, premiering at SXSW before airing in April. AMC may be the network that Mad Men and Breaking Bad was an Emmy powerhouse, but for a positive target audience, the Western miniseries Broken Trail is the

Vikings Season 4 (2013 TV Series)

VIKINGS tells the tales of the raiding and trading of Norsemen in medieval Scandanavia. Series 4 begins with Ragnar Lothbrok learning to deal with his new role as King, and he watches his back from King Ecbert who might threaten his plans of peace.VIKINGS tells the tales of the raiding

Ned and Stacey: The Complete Series

Highly Recommended The Show: The 1995-97 sitcom Ned and Stacey has long had a reputation as a funny and smart show that deserved a larger audience than it ever attracted. The series stars a post-Wings Thomas Haden Church and a pre-Will & Grace Debra Messing in the title roles, and

Just Shoot Me!: The Complete Series

Rent It The Series:It's always a gamble to revisit some of your favorite shows from decades ago, since it might shock you with not only how dated they have become, but how much your taste has grown since. This is doubly the case with sit-coms. Humor is