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Lemon (2017)


The dictionary definition of “quirky” is “characterised via ordinary or surprising developments.” But how is some thing “odd” or “unexpected”? Mid-to low-budget indie films are described as “quirky” so often that the time period has misplaced any particular resonance. Better to be known as “quirky” than “predictable,” I think, however at a advantageous component, “quirkiness” turns into simply as typical due to the fact the surely regular. “Lemon,” a comedy directed by the usage of Janicza Bravo (with some of brief films and television episodes under her belt), and co-written by using Bravo and husband Brett Gelman (who additionally stars inside the film), has some legitimately uncommon developments, and moments that flash with authentic absurdity. But there can be a flatness in the end-quit result. The quirky is thoroughly predictable.

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Source: Fandango

By Max Schindler