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The Adventurers (2017)


Is Hong Kong movement-adventure “The Adventurers” that horrific, or is leading guy Andy Lau simply not as charming as he was once? In America, Lau is probably maximum famous because the celebrity of “Infernal Affairs,” the milestone Hong Kong undercover cop mystery that turned into later remade as “The Departed.” But in Asia, Lau has enjoyed extra than 3 decades inside the highlight, and rightfully so. This guy is so slick that he come what may maintained his suavitude even after he, after performing a hit love ballad known as “Toilet Bowl” at some point of his time as a Mando-pop musician, served as spokesperson for the Ho Cheng Group bathroom corporation. Just consider: Lau’s face become on stickers plastered in or round urinals in Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong—and he still regarded easy! Unfortunately, Lau just isn’t fascinating enough to carry the definitely forgettable “The Adventurers,” a tepid remake of John Woo’s already lame heist flick “Once a Thief.”

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Source: Fandango

By Max Schindler