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Aliens Ate My Homework


Rent It

Rod Allbright (Jayden Craig) is a pretty average kid. He lives with his mom, Gwen (Kirsten Robek) and two siblings, Eric (Christian Convery) and Linda (Carmela Nossa Guizzo), who he gets along with — although he really misses his MIA father, Art (Sandy Robson), who vanished three years ago without a trace. He’s got one close friend, Mickey (Sean Quan), who likes to build inventions that are varying degrees of dangerous. At school, he doesn’t seem to have a reputation, good or bad, although he is routinely tormented by the school bully, Billy Becker (Ty Consiglio), who likes to squish bugs into his victims’ hair. None of these things seems likely to change…until a miniaturized alien spaceship carrying Colonel Grakker (Dan Payne), Madame Pong (Tristan Risk), Phillogenus esk Piemondum aka Phil (voice of William Shatner), and Tar Gibbons (Alex Zahara) crashes through his bedroom window.

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By Max Schindler