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Bad Lucky Goat



Siblings Corn (Honlenny Huffington) and Rita (Kiara Howard) are your average brother and sister — constantly bickering, tormenting one another. Corn dreams of being a musician and getting away from the island and the hotel their parents run, while Rita chats with her friend about cute boys and mostly seems anxious to grow up so that her headstrong attitude gets more respect. While running an errand for their parents, Corn and Rita are thrown into a 24-hour adventure that will take them all over the island, into peril and out of it, when they accidentally run over a wayward goat with the family truck and need to figure out how to get it repaired.

Bad Lucky Goat is a charming but somewhat simple adventure story, anchored by beautiful visuals and plenty of local flavor but showing hints of repetition even across its scant 76-minute running time. As the debut of writer/director Samir Oliveros,…Read the entire review


By Max Schindler