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Beyond The 7th Door



Beyond The Seventh Door:

Beyond The Seventh Door is an exploitation film without parallel. Off the top, there’s the title, evoking several different movies. If you were stoned and looking for a good horror movie in Ye Olde Mon N’ Pop video store, this title would ring several bells, without actually being any of those bells. Nowadays if you’re stoned and looking for that 80s SOV horror masterpiece that served as the inspiration for the Saw series, this would not be it (but it’s close). If you want the worst mildly weirdest, weirdly mildest, coke-fueled $2000 two-actor movie, you’ve come to the right place.

Beyond The Seventh Door tells the tale of some freaky Patagonian version of Benicio Del Toro, an ex-con who’s wrongly convinced that this hot 80s chick loves him and wants him to accompany her into an Angeleno castle where they’ll find a million bucks for th…Read the entire review


By Max Schindler