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Chicago P.D.: Season Four


Highly Recommended

Spun-off from Chicago Fire, and part of the same TV universe that now also includes Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Med, and Chicago Justice, Chicago P.D. (2014-present) has grown and matured into a compelling police procedural. Less warm-and-fuzzy than Chicago Fire, whose leading characters are so honorable as to be a bit dull and dramatically inert at times, Chicago PD offers more emotionally complex, troubled, and thus more believable characters.

Initially the program seemed to be heading down the right-wing fantasy world of 24, where the ends always-but-always justified the means. First introduced in a story arc on Chicago Fire, the leader of Chicago P.D.’s intelligence unit, Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) was a morally reprehensible bully, a lone wolf who routinely sidestepped protocol to obtain needed information from suspects, even if th…Read the entire review

By Max Schindler