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Rent It

Country music, much like any genre of music is bound to evolve as the years go on and new artist emerge to add their own flavor and make their mark on the world. Time Life’s latest release, a massive nine DVD set covering the CMA Awards from 1968-2015 is a remarkable collection of live performances at the industry’s biggest awards show and in the process, provides a fascinating timeline of the evolution of country music (at least from the 60s on). Running a little over 11-hours, the “CMA Awards Live” release is far from a comprehensive look at each year’s hot acts and performers. Across the nine DVDs, a smattering of performances are included along with the occasional acceptance speech and then oddly enough, the ending credits for that year’s awards ceremony. However, despite the 1968-2015 moniker in the title, not every year’s awards are highlighted and as I’ll mention later, oddly, some bigger…Read the entire review


By Max Schindler