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Diamond Cartel


Skip It

Director: Salamat Mukhammed-Ali
Starring: Karlygash Mukhamedzhanova, Armand Assante
Year: 2017

Diamond Cartel is what you would get if you combined Sharknado with The Expendables and set it in Kazakhstan. I’m not kidding, it’s that horrible of a concept, and how anyone in their right mind could want to turn it into an actual movie is beyond me. The director is Kazakh, this is his second attempt at a feature film, and his first also writing and producing the flick. It’s safe to say that he might not know exactly what he’s doing, although the same can surely be said about the minds behind the worst cinema in history, and that might not always be accurate. Regardless, this is 100 minutes of pure torture to…Read the entire review

By Max Schindler