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Don’t Call Me Son



Pierre (Naomi Nero) has a comfortable life. It’s not unusual or remarkable, but as a young teenager actively exploring both bisexuality (the film’s opening sequence finds Pierre enjoying both being pursued by a man and pursuing a young woman) and gender identity (when hooking up with one of them, the camera pans down to reveal he’s wearing panties and a garter belt), Pierre seems relaxed in his own skin, both at school and at home with his mother Aracy (Dani Nefussi) and younger sister Jacqueline (Lais Dias). Then, the police suddenly arrest Aracy, revealing to Pierre and Jacqueline that she stole both of them from delivery rooms as infants. Pierre finds himself unexpectedly alone, thrust into an unfamiliar environment, where his “new” parents, Gloria (Nefussi again), Matheus (Matheus Nachtergaele), and younger brother Joca (Daniel Botelho) all have expectations for the child who has been missing for 1…Read the entire review


By Max Schindler