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Finding Joseph I: The HR From Bad Brains Documentary



The Movie:

I don’t know much about music these days, but what I do know is that Bad Brains are among those whose influence and legacy in music has been underrated, damn near criminally. The African American quartet of singer Paul Hudson (known as H.R., for Human Rights), his younger brother, drummer Earl, bassist Darryl Jenifer and guitarist Dr. Know (Gary Miller) started in the late 1970s and handled a variety of styles, but perhaps were known for their punk tastes most. For a group of high-energy performers of punk to be black at that time was fairly unprecedented. But they weren’t just a punk group; they also played jazz, some of their music had early roots of hip hop in it, along with influences from reggae, ska and dub. Performances were already talked about for their talent and their visceral passion, and H.R. was charismatic and enigmatic, and we didn’t know how much so on the latte…Read the entire review

By Max Schindler