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Gunsmoke: The Thirteenth Season, Volume One


Highly Recommended

After another excruciatingly long delay for Gunsmoke fans, CBS/Paramount has released in two volumes the long-running Western series’ thirteenth of twenty seasons to DVD. Whether they’ll ever get around to releasing the final seven is anyone’s guess. Despite the best efforts by the big entertainment conglomerates to kill the Golden Goose, hard media dies hard, with collectors, libraries, and a surprisingly robust market in many foreign countries keeping it going, despite the popularity of streaming media. (Here in Japan, for instance, video rental stores are still commonplace. Gasp!)

That the DVD market would go into sharp decline neatly midway through Gunsmoke‘s run on the format is, very mildly, ironic. The better but less marketable black-and-white shows, particularly when Gunsmoke was a 30-minute program, were released first, while the later, full-color DVDs of the more famil…Read the entire review


By Max Schindler