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Jackass TV and Movie Collection


Highly Recommended

The Collection:

During its heyday, Jackass was as close to having a TV show that was full-blown unhinged, subversive, and fascinating performance art. Or, it was a dumb TV show about a bunch of morons doing incredibly stupid things for our enjoyment, the modern equivalent of a carnival freak show. No matter how you dice it, one thing was for sure, it was a lot of fun to experience it. You always wanted to look away, but you couldn’t avert your eyes either.

This collection of DVDs basically repackages the exact same previously available discs of the Jackass experience over the last two decades. It’s not really a “complete” collection, since what we get from the series is a quadrilogy of DVDs compiling the gags and stunts the team deemed to be their best. Complete or not, this set definitely brings back the nostalgia of watching a bunch of idiot stuntmen getting kicked in the crotch…Read the entire review


By Max Schindler