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Jasper Jones


Rent It

Charlie Bucktin (Levi Miller) is perplexed when Jasper Jones (Aaron McGrath) knocks at his window in the middle of the night demanding his help. Although Jasper is a classmate and a local, Charlie and Jasper have never spoken to one another, and he is especially shocked when Jasper leads him to the body of Laura Wishart, the older daughter of the town councilor, hung from a tree. Jasper, who is both an Aboriginal and Laura’s girlfriend, correctly assumes the police will look at him as the primary suspect. Jasper suspects the real killer is Mad Jack Lionel (Hugo Weaving), a local recluse who is rumored to have murdered a woman years ago. Charlie reluctantly agrees to help Jasper try and catch the killer, a promise that will leave him juggling the mystery, racist fallout from the ongoing Vietnam War trickling toward his best friend Jeffrey (Kevin Long) and his family, the affections of Laura’s younger si…Read the entire review


By Max Schindler