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Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXXIX



The Movies:

It’s a bitter sweet day for Mystery Science Theater fans…Shout! Factory has released the last (probably) collection ofepisodes from the original run of the show. While it’s great thatthree new episodes (and a disc of bonus material… more on thatlater) are out on DVD, it’s sad that there are eleven installmentsthat have never been released, and probably never will be, becauseof copyright issues. Still, these three shows from the Mike yearsare solid, and the set, rather aptly, includes the very lastepisode.

The shows included in this set are:

Experiment 601 – Girls Town:

Mike (referring to Mel Torme): He’s like a youthful Jabbathe Hut!

This first episode from season six features the installation of theUmbilicus, a tube that runs from the Satellite of Love to Deep 13,and allows items to be sent between the Mads and the SoL. It’…Read the entire review

By Max Schindler