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Roaring Abyss


Highly Recommended

Roaring Abyss:

For those wondering, the roaring abyss isn’t a negative thing or a weird name, as some reviews have mentioned. I’d reckon it’s a call-out to the Kingdom of Abyssinia, now known as Ethiopia, and that roaring you hear is all the powerful music coming from the African nation. Though it may be hard to draw a bead on what type of movie Roaring Abyss is exactly, it’s a fantastic piece of art, and Highly Recommended for fans of world music.

Director Quino Pinero collects numerous field recordings from throughout Ethiopia, weaving them with day-to-day footage to create a tone-poem of hypnotic and at times rapturous beauty. Yet somehow, calling this a tone poem seems a disservice, possibly relegating Roaring Abyss to the realms of art-house cinema, when it should be seen more widely than that, and screened by anyone seriously interested in music, Ethiopian culture,…Read the entire review


By Max Schindler