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Shopkins World Vacation


Rent It

Shopkins: World Vacation:

This is my second excursion into the land of Shopkins. I might have come off a little harsh for the first go-around, (which you can read here) but this time, I’m older and wiser. Though I still have a hard time with the metaphysical aspect of a line of toys about shopping, that primes young girls to shop by making them shop, shop, shop, (or something) I was charmed by this feature-length adventure.

Shopkins are animate consumer products, from a bunch of bananas, to a lipstick, to a crown. (Which isn’t really a consumer product, but what can you do?) The Shopkins have human friends, sassy girls known as Shoppies. The group has wild adventures, originally told in a short-form web-series format. Now they’re going world-wide in this movie th…Read the entire review


By Max Schindler