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Signature Move


Highly Recommended

For several years, writer/director Jennifer Reeder has been making a name for herself in the independent filmmaking community. Since 2006, she’s produced a string of acclaimed short films, as well as a somewhat mysterious 2008 feature-length debut called Accidents at Home and How They Happen that doesn’t seem to be available anywhere (there is also one short on her IMDb from 1995, but nothing between then and 2006). Her wonderful 2015 short, Blood Below the Skin (which evokes a mixture of surreal comedy and raw emotion that recalls Miranda July’s Me and You and Everyone We Know) scored a couple of big nominations: a Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival, and an AFI Fest Grand Jury Prize. Now, she’s back with a second feature-length effort, Signature Move, which seems to be the first project she’s taken on she didn’t write herself.

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By Max Schindler