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The Good Fight: Season One


Highly Recommended

Some explanation required here. My wife, Yukiyo, was a binge-watching fan of The Good Wife, the 2009-2016 legal-political drama series starring Julianna Margulies. On her days off from work her eyes would be glued to her laptop for hours, watching five or six episodes, one after the other. I only caught bits and pieces of that show, but when the spin-off The Good Fight (2017-present) fell into our unloved DVD screener pool I knew I had to review it, if only so that Yukiyo could see it.

And yet, despite never having watched a single entire episode of The Good Wife I’m finding The Good Fight engrossing entertainment, and that minimal conferring with Yukiyo during the first episode was enough to satisfy my curiosity about The Good Wife‘s connections to its follow-up.

However good The Good Wife is, The Good Fight stands on its own terms. Though relegat…Read the entire review


By Max Schindler