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The Soultangler



The Movie:

Released in 1987, directed by Pat Bishow and shot entirely on location in his native Long Island, The Soultangler tells the sordid tale of one Dr. Anton Lupesky (Pierre Devaux), a surprisingly young and greasy mad scientist in the vein of Dr. Herbert West. Like his Lovecraftian counterpart, Lupesky has created a serum with special properties. It doesn’t quite re-animate the dead, but rather it allows him to transfer his soul into another body. There’s a problem though: two souls can’t live inside the same body at the same time, so he can really only transfer his soul into a corpse.

As you’d guess, this makes things a little trickier for Lupseky, but thankfully for him he’s got an assistant named Jessica (Louise Millmann) and a hammer-wielding smack addict named Carl (Bob Cederberg) around to help him out. Why does he need their help? Because the side effects of the d…Read the entire review


By Max Schindler