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American Wrestler: The Wizard



The Movie:

There have been a few films that include a metaphoric fish thrown into new, sometimes hostile waters, and on the heels of HBO’s fascinating miniseries The Night Of, we now get American Wrestler: The Wizard, a similar story in its broadest strokes, based on true events.

Written by Brian Rudnick and directed by Alex Ranarivero, American Wrestler tells the story of Ali Jahani (George Kosturos), an immigrant who left Iran during the Khomeni overthrow to live in California with his uncle Hafez. Hafez is played by Ali Afshar, producer of the film and the subject on whom the movie is based. Ali grows up dealing with bullies at school and is ostracized due to the events of the day, but he decides to take up wrestling. The coach (William Fichtner, Read the entire review

Source: DVD Talk

By Max Schindler