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Review: Suits Season 4: TV Show

Suits Season 4

Suits Season 4 on DVD starts off strange. All the usual Suits cast are there, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams)Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht)Rachel (Meghan Markle)Donna (Sarah Rafferty) but Mike has a new job…. it took me a little while to adjust (and remember) that in Suits Season 3, Mike had received new employment with a former client. I was concerned as I didn’t see how the shows chemistry would work – Harvey without Mike, what would they do without each other?

As I sat down with the Xmarx and Pod Food crew, which turned into a series of nights, I began to wonder how Suits Season 4 would pan out. I watched Suits Season 4 in anticipation.


As time goes on things get back to normal. Within the first episode Suits Season 4 the pair are back to their old tricks – making jokes and talking themselves up – Mike with a slightly different style – one of someone in more control. Mike was Harvey’s client this time around and the shoe was on the other foot.

The show, as always, delves deep into the lives of Mike and Rachel with Suits Season 4 being no different. Donna and Harvey continue to toy with one another and Louis, as always is trying his hardest, well, to just be Loius. Throughout the series Pearson Spector goes through a vast sum of issues though in almost all situations being saved Harvey or Mike in usual fashion. There is a great twist in the last episode which will line up a great Suits Season 5.

Suits Season 4 is exciting, constantly funny and fast paced. Harvey’s lines are always well delivered with the perfect amount of force and confidence.  The whole cast is faultless. Music, design and fashion is always of high quality with homage to the Wall street Lawyer flare.

Chef and owner of Pod Food, John Leverink made special mention of the quality of dinner and glass ware in the apartment of Mike and Rachel. Said they had great taste, so I am taking his advice and tributing the set design also.

If you have a spare few nights, a definite watch. If for nothing but Harvey’s great quotes. Suits Season 4 comprises of 10 episodes.

8.5 out of 10 bananas.
Suits Season 4 DVD release date Australia – unknown.
Available $34.99 on amazon
*Prices as of time of post.

Max Shindler
Movie enthusiast, editor and copywriter for Xmarx

By Max Schindler