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Mannix: The Complete Series



Except for hazy memories of my parents watching Mannix when it was new, and, of course, Lalo Schifrin’s jazzy theme music, the kind of classic TV opening that, once heard, is never forgotten. Strange then to watch the series for the first time only now, despite the high pedigree of talent involved. Mannix (1967-75) was the creation of Richard Levinson and William Link, just prior to their finding much greater and more lasting success with Columbo. It was the last hurrah of Desilu Productions before Lucille Ball sold the company lock, stock, and barrel to the adjacent Paramount Pictures (via Gulf + Western) and produced as it was on the heels of Desilu’s final successes, Mission: Impossible and Star Trek. Mission‘s Bruce Geller developed the series and, initially, produced it in a less intense, more leisurely yet similar manner.

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Source: DVD Talk

By Max Schindler