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Rent It

Director: Howard Avedis
Starring: Mary Beth McDonough, David Wysocki, Bill Paxton
Year: 1983

Director Howard Avedis dappled in sexploitation cinema in the 70s, although really, who didn’t. He carried the style over into the 80s, adding murder and crime and thrills, but keeping the older women with large breasts. It it’s not broke don’t fix it I guess; there will always be a market for b-movies with nudity and fake blood because, for some strange reason, we will always love them. Mortuary is just another in a long history of intentionally bad films, but with a few key elements that deserve pointing out. One is that at least two stars are on display here, making it a little more interesting than some of the others in i…Read the entire review

Source: DVD Talk

By Max Schindler