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The High Schooler's Guide To College Parties


Skip It

Director: Patrick Johnson
Starring: Nate Rubin, Kris Kiley, Brina Palencia
Year: 2015

Your guess is as good as mine as to why American Pie worked when so many other coming-of-age sex comedies die a terrible death as soon as they hit the screen, some as soon as they hit the straight-to-DVD shelves. Maybe it was Eugene Levy, maybe it was the pie, who knows, but that film is now a classic, and in comparison, The High Schoolers Guide to College Parties will never be. Not only will it never become a classic, it will never be seen by more than the 200 people globally who invested their time in watching this complete waste of space and regretted every minute of it. Add this film to the long list of those who tried and…Read the entire review

Source: DVD Talk

By Max Schindler