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The Mysterious Airman


Highly Recommended

The Serial:

Movie serials were a staple of movie matinees in the 30’s and 40’s,but they were incredibly popular in the silent era too.Unfortunately, there are few chapterplays from the 1910’s and 20’sthat still exist in complete form. That’s why it’s so exciting thatSprocket Vault has unearthed, restored, and released a complete 10chapter serial from 1928: The Mysterious Airman. Not only isthe film of interest to historians however, but it’s a funcliffhanger in its own right. The tinted picture looks amazing too,especially for a film this old that was presumed lost for decades.

Jack Baker (Walter Miller) is the owner of an aviation company andengaged to one of his pilots, Shirley Joyce (Eugenia Gilbert).Joyce’s father has invented a new device, the Joyce Aerometer, whichmakes flying safe in all sorts of weather and even at night. He’sleased the gadget only to Baker and won’t…Read the entire review

Source: DVD Talk

By Max Schindler