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Sailor Moon Crystal Recap: What You Need to Know Before Netflix’s Sailor Moon Eternal

Sailor Moon is one of the most well-known anime from the last 30 years. Based on a manga that first launched in 1991, the series has been adapted into a beloved 200-episode anime, several films, a live-action drama, and more recently, an anime reboot called Sailor Moon Crystal. And if that legacy weren’t enough, we can now add another film to the franchise: Sailor Moon Eternal. What Is Sailor Moon Eternal? As previously mentioned, Sailor Moon Eternal is the latest addition to the Sailor Moon franchise. It’s a two-part anime film based on the Dream arc of the original manga.…
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With Crystal of Storms, Rhianna Pratchett Helps Reboot Fighting Fantasy Roleplay Books

Writer Rhianna Pratchett, known for video games including the Tomb Raider reboot and  the Overlord series, returns to an early staple of role-playing gaming with Fighting Fantasy. Pratchett’s book, Crystal of Storms, takes players into a fantasy police procedural on a floating island.  She’s one of only two guest writers for the franchise, and the first woman to put her stamp on it. With a strong career of her own and the legacy of her father Terry’s Discworld series, her quirky take on the fantasy procedural is part of Scholastic’s revitalization of Fighting Fantasy.  Developed in the 80s, Fighting Fantasy…
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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Canceled at Netflix

Good news! Netflix’s epic Jim Henson Company series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance won the Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Program last night. Now onto some bad news… Netflix confirmed today that it will not be moving forward with future seasons of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, canceling the show after one season. io9 was the first to report the news. Netflix released the following statement: “We are grateful to the master artists at the Jim Henson Company for bringing The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance to life for fans around the world. We’re thankful to the executive producers…
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Marvel’s Avengers: Spider-Man PlayStation Exclusive Explained by Crystal Dynamics

Marvel’s Avengers, a new action-adventure game starring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, is out in a month and developer Crystal Dynamics is using the run-up to the release to tell players much more about what they should expect when servers go live. One thing the studio has confirmed is that Spider-Man is joining the Avengers in 2021, but what should have been great news quickly left some fans outraged when it was revealed that the webslinger was only coming to PlayStation versions of the game. On top of that, PlayStation owners will also get exclusive challenges, cosmetics, and other downloadable content for…
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Crystal Swan

In 1990s Belarus, a wanderlust young DJ is derailed by a typo in a forged US Visa application, forcing her to a backwater village where she is determined to fake her way to the American dream.Rated: Not RatedRelease Date: May 23, 2020
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