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Scott Adkins and Louis Mandylor Get Payback in Exclusive Clip

We imagine it’s never thrilling to be recognized for your past work. Yet when you have action movie talents like Scott Adkins and Louis Mandylor on hand, it makes absolute sense a certain type of fan will crop up—and likely need a likely beat down in some circumstances! That’s at least one humorous takeaway from a new exclusive clip of Payback: Debt Collectors 2, an action-thriller starring Scott Adkins and Louis Mandylor. In the film, Adkins and Mandylor star as a pair of debt collecting heavies who are muscle for a particular type of bad men—all while avoiding another group…
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Bright Sequel Taps Incredible Hulk Director Louis Leterrier

Bright, the 2017 fantasy thriller headlined by superstar Will Smith, had a distribution strategy that now—about three short years later in the midst of a pandemic—proved bellwether in hindsight. That’s because the project that was tailor-made to be a big screen blockbuster bypassed a theatrical release to premiere as an exclusive streaming offering on Netflix. While the film had its obstacles with critics (our own review was no exception), the streaming giant quickly greenlit a sequel, which is now moving forward with a director. Louis Leterrier is in talks to occupy the director’s chair for the untitled Bright sequel, according…
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Tall: The American Skyscraper and Louis Sullivan

This film tells the story of the unstoppable rise of the skyscrapers. Starting in 1869, in New York and Chicago, elevators, steel, and electricity combined to create a frenzy of tall and taller buildings. Tall traces the experiments of the early skyscraper architects, especially Louis Sullivan, the Chicago architect (and mentor of Frank Lloyd Wright) who pioneered a new skyscraper form. His credo was that "form ever follows function." His elegant buildings, some still standing and featured in the film, bear out his reputation as the father of the skyscraper. Fierce rivals, led by Daniel Burnham, builder of the Flatiron…
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