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The Last of Us: Why Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey Are the Perfect Joel and Ellie

After much speculation and more than a few false rumors, we finally know that Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will portray Joel and Ellie in HBO’s The Last of Us series. That announcement brings us one step closer to the debut of what is the most exciting video game adaptation in production at the moment. As is usually the case when these casting announcements are made, there are some fans who remain unconvinced that these are the right choices for two of gaming’s most iconic characters. Some of that doubt is stems from the parade of big names that have…
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Robert Rodriguez on We Can Be Heroes and How Pedro Pascal Reminds Him of Harrison Ford

Robert Rodriguez is a man of many hats – in every sense of the word. While he has been known to rock a fedora or two down the years, the idiom is more a reflection of his “one-man film crew” approach to movie-making, with Rodriguez known for not only writing, and directing but also doing everything from editing to operating the camera. It’s also a reflection of his ability to turn his hand to disparate genres and movies aimed and markedly different audiences.  Having made his name with movies like El Mariachi and From Dusk till Dawn, the new millennium…
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Pedro Pascal Eyed to Play a Nicolas Cage Superfan Opposite Cage Himself

Nicolas Cage’s current status as a crazed-eyed paycheck-hunting star of contemporary schlock cinema seems to have reached the new evolutionary stage of conjuring meta-minded movie mirth with The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. With Cage set to portray himself, it appears that the film has honed in on a momentum-riding co-star in Pedro Pascal. Lionsgate is reportedly in talks with Pascal to co-star opposite Cage in the film, reports The Wrap. Should the deal be finalized, Pascal will play Javi, a character described as “a Nic Cage superfan who is not all that he appears to be.” The co-starring duo…
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John Wick Creator to Write My Friend Pedro TV Series

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that John Wick screenwriter Derek Kolstad will write and produce a TV series based on the hit indie game, My Friend Pedro. The upcoming adaptation is described in the report as an “R-rated, half-hour dramedy series.” Legendary Television, DJ2 Entertainment, and 87North Productions will collaborate on the project, with Legendary Entertainment reportedly having acquired the rights to the My Friend Pedro video game for the purposes of this adaptation. 87North’s David Leitch (co-director of John Wick and director of Deadpool 2) will also serve as an executive producer on this project alongside various other representatives…
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