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Star Trek Just Dropped a Huge Clue About Kirk & Spock’s “Missing” Year

This Star Trek: Lower Decks article contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 5, “An Embarrassment of Dooplers.” The first year of Kirk’s five-year-mission on the Enterprise is mostly missing. Although several non-canon sources have taken a stab at the moment when Kirk first took command from Pike—notably the 1986 Vonda N. McIntyre novel Enterprise: The First Adventure and the 1985 DC Comics story “The First Mission”—the  actual non-book Trek canon has almost nothing. Basically, our knowledge of how the year 2265 shook out for Kirk and Spock is very limited. However, a sweet little Easter egg in Star Trek: Lower…
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How Star Trek: Discovery Fulfills Spock’s Franchise Legacy

This Star Trek: Discovery article contains MAJOR spoilers for “Unification III,” and spoilers for Picard. Michael Burnham has returned to her home planet Vulcan in an attempt to recover some data from a Vulcan and Romulan alliance she never thought was even possible. If this sounds like the beginning of an epic title crawl in a Star Wars movie, you’re not far off. In Discovery Season 3, Episode 7, “Unification III,” the Trek franchise has delivered one of its most epic and generation-spanning episodes in a very long time. We always knew Star Trek: Discovery’s status as both a prequel…
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