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Did The Mandalorian Just Change the Location of Tython?

This Star Wars: The Mandalorian article contains spoilers. When The Mandalorian namedropped Tython last week, Star Wars fans who grew up reading the old Legends Expanded Universe of novels and comics likely gasped. Despite the planet’s history as the likely birthplace of the Jedi, Tython had never appeared in a Star Wars movie or TV series before Ahsoka mentioned the planet in “The Jedi.” Just a week later, we actually get to visit Tython in “The Tragedy,” an action-packed episode that sees Mando not only have to deal with Boba Fett but also an entire platoon of stormtroopers trying to…
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The Mandalorian: Tython Explained

This Star Wars: The Mandalorian article contains spoilers. The Mandalorian Chapter 13, “The Jedi,” gives us answers to many of the biggest questions surrounding Baby Yoda, the former Jedi youngling whose actual name is Grogu, while also introducing new mysteries about the ancient order. In fact, the episode has just set the stage for what will likely be an explosive conclusion to the second season, as Mando and Grogu set off to find what could be the birthplace of the Jedi. While Mando manages to locate Ahsoka Tano on the planet Corvus, this proves to be just another stop in…
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