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Lake Eerie


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Director: Chris Majors
Starring: Meredith Majors, Betsy Baker, Anne Leigh Cooper
Year: 2016

You may think you’ve seen painful acting before, but you have yet to meet Lake Eerie, a film that is as bizarre, awful, and unimaginative as its title. I’m not sure if my words can prepare you for such a film failure, an amateur attempt at something, I don’t know what, that could not possibility have resulted in what the filmmakers were aiming for. Because, if this is the movie that they were trying to make, someone needs to take away their cameras and put them under lock and key. I can only imagine that “haunted house story with Egyptian magic thrown in for good measure” sounded like a great idea, a script was written, and a f…Read the entire review

Source: DVD Talk

By Max Schindler