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Review: Vampire Diaries Season 5: TV show

The Vampire Diaries Season 5

We return to Vampire Diaries Season 5 to find Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) & Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) still together – happily in relationship bliss. So much so, Elena decides to return to college at Whitmore, joined by Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola). Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) is under Damon’s watch while Elena is away due to Jeremy struggling to adjusting with school life – a fight in the first episode sees his get expelled. Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) is still stuck in the after life though has Jeremy masquerading to throw friends off the scent that she is dead. Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) has trouble adjusting to being human. She acquires Damon’s help when she is attacked by Silas and realises that other enemies see her as vulnerable. Poor Stefan finds himself stuck in a coffin at the bottom of a watery grave where he can’t escape and continually dies. He tries to stop from shutting off his humanity.

Throughout the season we see more drama unfolding as Bonnie tries to rejoin the land of the living – with help of Jeremy. Damon is reunited with an old friend Enzo (Michael Malarkey) – former cell mate from the ‘Vampire trials‘ they were subjected to by the founding families and we see the introduction of Aaron Whitmore – a descendant of the founding family – The Whitmores – which is obviously great friends with all the Vamps. Stefan spends about 5 episodes trapped and is finally found, though in a dishevelled state. We see the introduction of Nadia – Katherine’s daughter – also a vampire. There is a family reunion and the relationship between the two is complicated for many episodes.

Towards the end Vampire Diaries Season 5 Katherine and Nadia conspire to take over Elena’s body, Damon kills Aaron – after Elena breaks up with him (because Katherine is controlling her body), Stefan and Caroline start to become very close – though Elena (Katherine) is trying to win Stefan’s love – hard toe keep up sometimes, I know.

Overall Vampire Diaries Season 5 is filled with all the usual brooding, love, drama and break ups it is known for, though it well acted. I find Enzo to be a great actor to watch – witty lines and great method acting. Damon and Stefan both have their parts down-pat and whilst Elena and Caroline are both fairly fake and annoying – I can only gather they do this on purpose which leads me to believe they too are doing there job well.

The design, sets and town the movie is shot in all play their part in a true life ‘perfectly quiet’ environment – a perfect place for Vampires to roost. Joran Dilucian of Xmarx points out that the cover and poster design are all well done and really give the emotive feel of sexy vamps – a very modern but on-track style.

If you have a few night free it’s a good watch – drama filled and kind of addictive. I usually sat down with the Pod Food and Xmarx crew and a few glasses of wine. There was the few nights with Anthony from Vizoo.

7.5 out of 10 bananas. 22 episodes – 5 disc DVD set box.
Vampire Diaries Season 5 is available: $23.98 at JB Hifi or $21.49 on eBay.
*Prices as of time of post.

Max Shindler
Movie enthusiast, editor and copywriter for Xmarx



By Max Schindler